Unrivaledkitch Wellness

Unrivaledkitch Wellness

Owner/ Executive Chef Kimberly Fujitaki 
Kimberly’s background in food spans over her lifetime. In 2007 she completed a certificate program in culinary arts at Westlake Culinary Institute. Since then, she has climbed the culinary ladder and in 2009 became executive chef of a Northern Italian eatery in Moorpark, CA, all the while continuing her education and self-study in various diets, nutrition and finding new ways to integrate eating well into her life. Since Kimberly’s departure from her restaurant executive chef lifestyle, she has developed and powered a food blog and personal chef and private dining company, which she calls Unrivaledkitch. Dining and cooking are all portrayed in their own way at Unrivaledkitch.com because of Kimberly’s constant search for new and exciting food, food trends and ways to share them with everyone.  Kimberly’s background in vegan, vegetarian and omnivore diets has allowed her to incorporate sound dietary principles into the everyday lives of her clients, while focusing on abundance rather than restrictions. Unrivaledkitch Wellness focuses on working with each varying body type to keep the spirit whole and the body nourished. For more information on Unrivaledkitch Wellness and for consultations, please contact Kimberly.
Owner Executive Chef Unrivaledkitch  Brandon Worrell 
Chef Brandon Worrell’s vast experience in the culinary world is highlighted through his expertise and knowledge of locally sourced ingredients used to create refined comfort foods in the style of California Cuisine. Drawing from his background studying at The Art Institute of California’s Culinary Arts Program, Chef Brandon has used his classically trained French background to create, cook, and teach chefs and patrons alike throughout California for more than a decade. Chef Brandon has a style of cooking that is simplistic, delicious and appetizing to all types of culinary enthusiasts. His love for food is matched only by his desire to share, educate and expose his culinary art to his patrons in accessible ways. Please join Chef Brandon as he shares with us the most desirable dishes, freshest local ingredients, and palate-friendly pairings from the California Coast at Unrivaledkitch. For more information please contact Brandon.

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  1. I love your bio!! You’re right about working back of the house, it’s rare to get a thank you, but food blogging really is a reward in itself. Thanks for sharing your story =]

  2. Just found you via Foodbuzz Kimberly. I love your blog, some real food to get your teeth into rather than cake all the time. I’ll sign up when I can find the widget.


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