Christmas Tamales and Holiday Pozole 2016

That’s the way the holiday starts!

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Another year of Tamales and Pozole. I am so grateful that I could continue to share these amazing little delicious packages of yumminess with my family. It’s pretty amazing how many tamales I made and always make but when you go through the work of making stocks, sauces, braising meats, roasting veggies and getting everything done you can’t just make 12 tamales. So we ate Tamales and Pozole for a long time and enjoyed them I have some in the freezer for later which is nice too.

This year I made

Beef with red and green chili

Carnitas with Red and green chili

Green chili and cheese

Green chili and chicken


Pork Pozole


We also had carnitas street tacos with fresh tortillas because if you have everything out already why not.

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Sauces came out great and I was really happy with everything. Family enjoyed the fruits of tamale labor and we had a fantastic Christmas. I know that it seems like awhile ago but I truly loved every moment of the holiday season and I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2017.

img_6850 img_6836Cheers



Christmas is for family traditions.



It wouldn’t be Christmas without a massive cooking extravaganza and that’s just what it was this holiday season. I was able to have time time off from teaching to just work on tamales and pozole and hang out with my family and enjoy every minute of my time with them. I truly cherish these memories with all my loved ones and the time I was able to spend with my nieces as they enjoyed our holiday traditions. It’s completely amazing. Holidays can be a bustling time of the year, but I truly stayed present to the fun, giving, loving, community-inspired essence of the holidays that I absolutely love so much.





I have been making tamales every year since 2008. It’s a nice way for me to work on some of the bits and pieces of my recipes and come out with a really solid tamale that my family and friends love. This year I got a beautiful new mixer from Brandon, which helped tremendously because my old one was completely worn out.  My mom had a chance to put some together herself this year and I can say that I’m pretty quick when it comes to assembly. The stocks, braising meat, making the salsa, rehydrating chiles, roasting chiles and tomatillos and everything else that goes into tamales is a labor of love. So when you taste a really good tamale, remember that it probably wasn’t fast food and take some time to truly enjoy it.








We went to visit my great-aunts and great-uncles at my grandma’s childhood home. Of course, I couldn’t go there empty handed, so this year I brought them a pot of my pozole. I have to admit, the pozole was rather delicious this year, with just the right amount of spice. pozole is another recipe that is a labor of patience and practice. But soup is a soul food and it truly is a nourishing dish. There is nothing like a hot bowl of pozole with all the right toppings on Christmas morning.





I hope whatever traditions you and your family and friends have, they are something to keep passing down to the people you love and sharing the things that make you happy, grateful and inspired. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year! Stay tuned for my Japanese New Year annual Oshogatsu post of osechi ryori.






Unrivaledkitch Tamales 2012

The year flew by and I hope each and everyone of you had a great set of holidays. I’ll be catching up on my blogging in the next week so please stay tuned.  Thank you for your support and a healthy and happy 2013 to you all from my Unrivaledkitch to yours!

I’ve been working on tamales every year around Christmas time for about five years. Tamales are a very traditional Mexican/Spanish dish that involves masa, which is dried corn mixed with fat, broth and spices, filled with meat, sauce and/or cheese and are made in corn husks and then steamed. This year I made around 400 tamales for various family and friends. It was a long process, but very fulfilling. This year I made numerous types ranging from roasted green chile and cheese tamales, tomatillo and roasted chicken, salsa Roja and roasted pork to salsa verde and beef. The process takes many hours of hard work and lots of love, which is why I always love the tradition of making tamales. The broth takes time to develop all the delicious flavors and the ratio of meat to masa is always something that can be worked on.


I also made pozole for my family for Christmas morning, both chicken and pork. Pozole is a delicious soup that’s made of roasted and slow-simmered parts of pork or chicken and is made with simmered chiles and Mexican corn or hominy. The soup is topped with fresh cabbage, cilantro, green onions, Mexican organo and some red pepper flakes to taste. Everyone always enjoys putting their favorite toppings on their Pozole. It’s something that we all look forward to eating on Christmas morning before we open our presents.

Christmas was a wonderful holiday for our family. Maleeya really did score with Santa—she must have been a really good girl this year. We all can’t wait for next year to see what is in store for us all. I’ve been increasing the number of tamales I make by at least 100 each year, so we’ll see what happens in 2013.

I hope you developed some delicious holiday traditions with your family this holiday season.

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!

Thank you so much for supporting Unrivaledkitch!



Christmas Tamales and Morning Traditions

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. This whole holiday season has been the most amazing, honest experience I’ve had in a long time. I love Christmas! It truly does bring out the best (and the worst) in people, but I think that it’s not necessarily Christmas that brings about the worst, it’s our misunderstanding of what is really important: togetherness, happiness, tenderness, contentment and compassion. I hope you carry these things with you always, through theses sometimes strenuous times, and into the new beautiful year of 2012.

This year I decided to offer my “tamale services” to my friends and family. I was both lucky and fortunate to share these amazing tasty morsels with others this year. It’s a new tradition that I decided to take on because the prices, quality and distance I had to travel to buy decent tamales, seemed to not be worth the hassle in the last couple of years. I love being able to decide what to put in  my tamales, from the beautiful homemade sauces: slowly simmered broths from roasted bones, vegetables and lots of toasted coriander and cumin, to the freshly braised varieties of meats, roasted chilies and luscious cheese, which all combine to make the perfect melding of flavor and freshness.  This year I exceeded my previous year’s number by over 100, making around 250 tamales of several varieties for friends and family. It was one of those things where I was able to create without recipes, but with just feelings and intuition: my favorite type of cooking.
Here’s a little photo journey of my cooking adventure.

I also made traditional pozole (you can find that recipe here) for my family for Christmas morning and tested out a new idea for menudo; both were a smashing success.  I want to thank my sister and brother-in-law for allowing me to proceed with my madness in our home through all hours of the night and my little niece for bringing a smile to my face even when I was thinking at 4:00 a.m., “What did I get myself into?” But it was all worth it! I hope you put some of your favorite traditions on the plates of your loved ones this joyous season.
Happy holidays to you and yours and a wonderful 2012!
Love Kimberly

Tamales and Pozole by Unrivaledkitch

Hello, my sweet friends! I know most of my readers are from out of state or out of country even but I’d like to extend my culinary services to you all as well.

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Order your holiday Tamales and Pozole. Celebrate this joyous season with homemade, handmade delicious food. I hope you enjoy our family traditions with your family and friends! Comment or e-mail me at for more information.
Thank You. Happy Holidays!




Pozole… Happy Fathers Day Dad!

An Early Father’s Day Wish…

What does a father really need on father’s day? My dad likes peace and quiet, maybe a couple of packs of pro v golf balls,  or these days  to pitch in on his latest eBay find, some food, and a couple of cold beers which really isn’t much. My dad’s a simple man and the best one I know. More than anything my dad is a pillar of strength and stability in my family that I would never ever trade for anything in this world. I love my dad so much and he’s taught me so many lessons in my life that I can’t even begin to tell you how much he means to me but I hope that everyone out there is able to have an amazing dad, husband, father to your child, grandpa, step dad or whoever, that you love and get to say thank you and I love you to on this very special Sunday but really it’s my hope you tell them every day.

I love you Dad.

That’s my dad holding me :) oh memories!

On Sunday I’ll be making brunch of a lavish proportion; my dad has already asked me to make Pozole. Pozole is the name for larger kernels of corn that are processed to make hominy but is also the name of the dish of Mexican soup made from pork and hominy amongst other things. My dad is Japanese but maybe my mom being Mexican and Native American and his love for Mexican food had something to do with him marring her. No but seriously my dad loves Mexican food. I surprised him last year for Christmas and made homemade Pozole and he loved it and said it was one of the best he’s had and we’ve eaten a lot of Pozole. I thought so too. So here’s my recipe adapted from an amazing friend of mine and a couple of cook books and making this soup over time for Pozole and I hope you find it well.


4 pig’s feet cleaned and halved

4 lbs of pork soup bones

3 lbs of pork loin cut into large chunks

1 head of garlic outside skin removed then cut in ½

2 large white onions peeled and left whole

1/4 lb of New Mexico chiles seeded and steamed

 8 oz package of Pasilla chiles seeded and steamed

4 cups of very hot water

1 XL can of white hominy

2 tablespoons of dried Mexican oregano

Salt to taste

2 tablespoons of black pepper

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

1 tablespoon of cumin

Boiling water as necessary

This is the real deal… pig’s feet and all.  It’s a long process and it will make your whole house smell like soup. It’s not as bad as boiling tripe for though Menudo but it’s pretty pungent. The key to any amazing soup is knowing how to season it well by letting all the flavors meld and tango with one another. This process is not simple and makes a lot of soup about 12 generous portions which are very generous so make it freeze it eat some now, tomorrow and next month. The cooking times for the different portions of meat are so done in layers which helps prevent over cooked portions of pork.

Here we go…

Rinse pig’s feet in warm water about 5-7 times just to remove any last minute grit.

Place in a very large pot and add water to cover feet

Bring the feet to a boil over high heat and then reduce to medium and simmer for about an hour and a half

Removed feet and set aside reserving liquid in pot

Once meat is cool enough to handle remove meat from the bones and discard bones and skin

Add meat to liquid reserved in the pot

Now add pork soup bones and cubed slices of pork tenderloin (if you find the tenderloin is expensive you can also use pork country ribs as well or in place of the tenderloin the will be a little fattier but are a good substitute or addition for a meater soup) to pot along with garlic intact with just the waxy paper removed and cut cross ways and onions simmer over medium- low heat covered for 2 hour.

Mean while Removed stems and seeds from chilies add them to large bowl and cover with very hot water allow to rehydrate for 25 minutes

Now check to see that all the meat is tender and remove large pieces from pot as well as the garlic and onions and set the vegetables aside from the meat.

Squeeze the garlic from its wrapper into a blender add the cooked onions to the blender as well add the presoaked chilies and about 1 cup of the water they were soaking in

Blend in blender till smooth then pour through a sieve so that any leftover seeds are not in the final puree

Return mixture to the pot.

When the meat is cool enough to handle shred apart with the grain into larger pieces discard any large amounts of fat or bone from the pork soup bone mixture.

Return meat to pot add black pepper, cumin, garlic powder, salt, and Mexican Oregano and cook for 30-45 minutes to allow spices to bloom in broth

(When you salt this soup it’s going to take a good amount of salt to penetrate the natural development of flavors in the chiles and meat, add salt in small quantities and mix making sure not to over salt because prepared hominy has salt in it already. Allow to cook for remainder of time and readjust seasoning at the end before serving)

Finally add the large can of hominy drain and rinse from contents of the can and cook for 20 minutes or longer uncovered. If necessary add extra water to cover meat.

The longer the Hominy sits in the soup the more flavor it will take on but the 20 minutes will make sure the hominy does not overcook and loose its texture.

Cool and let Soup sit over night in fridge for maximum flavor but who are we kidding you just spend about 5 hours on a soup!

eat some right away!!!!! it will still be amazing, just the next day it will develop even more flavor!

Pozole is known for amazing condiments

Thinly sliced green or red cabbage

Minced white onion

Sliced green onions


Lime wedges

Extra Mexican Oregano

Red Chili flakes

Sliced Avocado

 Sliced Radishes

All make amazing additions to this wonderful soup! I hope you enjoy this as much as my family does.


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I’d like to thank foodgawker and tastespotting for featuring my grilled corn on their sites. Very awesome

My blog had record number of views for some entries lately so I want to thank everyone so so much for being here and supporting me and my food writing as well as my food.

Lastly I’m going to be in Chicago for a week… eating and ravaging the city. So I don’t think I’ll be blogging very much if any while I’m gone. I maybe able to get in a couple of blogs before I leave but please keep up to date with me on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll be back with many tales of food adventures!

Lots of love my friends and much gratitude!

Thanks again for being amazing people

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone
and happy holidays for anyone else who isn’t celebrating.

I hope every one is sharing these awesome days of happiness with the people you love and the friendships you cherish. I’m so grateful for you all and I hope you have an amazing end of the year and beginning of a new one!

I’ve been a super busy girl lately. Holiday food galore
I just finished cleaning a storm in my kitchen and I’m still cooking its 1.21 in the morning. Ah so worth it.

We had a beautiful Christmas eve dinner held at my brothers condo with his in laws and my family beautiful. I didn’t take pictures but I made stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, roasted red pepper hummus, fruit salad, and scampi. We also had Prime rib, ham, and Vietnamese spring rolls. Delicious. I threw together most of the things i made in about an hour and a 1/2 cause i was in south gate with my mom sister Bachan to visit my moms mom my grandma Ruth and my great grandma tony who just celebrated her 96th birthday today, saw cousins and aunts and uncles i haven’t seen in a long time. It was awesome. And then we brought over the food to my brothers and all ate so much and sang a little karaoke on wii  Such a wonderful day!

Tomorrow we’ll head to my mom and dads which may be one of the last Christmas mornings there because the family is sadly outgrowing my childhood home but I made it clear nothing was stopping us this year. So i have to be up early and get some stuff together for more family fun for the day.

I made Pozole and Tamales this year about 150 tamales actually and a gigantic amount of Pozole but its almost gone which is great. they both came out amazing and I do have recipes but those will probably be written in about a week but here’s a little preview.

Also I’ve been Baking more…

And tomorrow I’m doing sushi, croquettes,  and wontons

Again Merry Christmas Guys <3


I have to say this Pozole is one of the best things I’ve made… and making it takes about 5-6 hours but the end result is something out of this world
Chocolate Peanut butter Marshmallow crunch

Double Dark Chocolate Mint Cookies