SC Prime and The Yard House, Summerlin, NV

We had plenty of delicious food while we were in Vegas, but there was one dish in particular that, if I didn’t blog about it, it would be a crime. On our last night in Vegas, Brandon’s grandpa wanted to take us to a nice dinner. He decided to make reservations at SC Prime in the Suncoast Hotel & Casino. The SC Prime is a gorgeous restaurant with a beautiful view. The décor is simple and elegant and the food is straightforward. A seemingly effortless endeavor was made by the waiters to make each and every customer feel welcomed and well taken care of.

I ordered the veal chop with mixed vegetables and pommes puree topped with chanterelle mushroom sauce. The veal chop was so moist and tender. I don’t often eat veal, but for some reason it caught my eye on menu and I decided to order it. I’m very glad I did because it was one of the best dishes I’ve had. Brandon had a really wonderful Chilean sea bass dish that was really cooked well. The fish had an outstanding crunchy crust and in the middle it was soft and tender. We really enjoyed our dinner. It was a brilliant experience.


Earlier in our trip, Brandon and I found ourselves at the Red Rock Resort roaming around because I’d never been there before. I enjoyed looking around and playing a little bit of penny slots. We decided to stop into The Yard House  I’d never been to a Yard House before, but it was a very interesting experience. Brandon and I had two different beer flights, which are small tastings of six different beers. Brandon had the Belgian flight and I had the house flight. There were lots of delicious beers to vary in flavor and richness. They have so many different types of beer on tap I don’t even think they count. There would always be something new to try and I love that. Both tastings had a good balance and we also ordered some truffle fries to go along with our beer. I liked the atmosphere and the classic rock playing in the background. The customers seemed to be well taken care of and our bartender was very polite. Overall, we had a great time sipping beer and enjoying each other’s company.


During our trip we also drove the scenic route of Red Rock Canyon to see the beautiful sights of the desert. I think natural wonders are always something to keep an eye out for on a nice trip.  There are plenty of hiking trails and stops along the route to look out into the mountains. It’s nice to take your time and enjoy the fresh air and unique rock formations.



Though I’ve been to Vegas many times, I’m always amazed by the new things that I see every time I go. I’m sure we’ll have another trip soon and I look forward to the new adventures ahead.



Mammoth Lakes 2012

Mammoth Lakes is a place I never tire from visiting. Throughout my life the anticipation of returning to this majestic platform of nature’s daily miracle always carries me through to another year. For as long as I can remember, my dad has visited Mammoth at least once or twice each year. Mammoth Mountain is located in the Eastern Sierras of California, just outside of Bishop and towers at an astounding 11,060 feet above sea level. This mountain is known mostly for its snow sports and winter wonderland activities, but our family has been enjoying the wonders of summer in the wilderness for many years. We don’t camp—we stay in a condo with full amenities including pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, ping pong table, and pool table, so it’s definitely not wilderness all the time.

Lake Mary with View of Mammoth Mountain

 Twin Lakes from above

Twin Lakes from Below

Convict Lake

I’ve always enjoyed fishing. Though I might not be the greatest fisherwoman, I can still show up, cast out and catch some fish, which is what we often do while we are in Mammoth. Aside from this large mountain that most people know about, Mammoth is situated amongst many lakes, ample hiking trails, bike paths and so much scenery that your eyes are sure to find something new each trip.  I never tire of the beauty that unfolds in this stunning place. This year we were caught in a couple of strange thunderstorms, which made for some of the most breath taking and fierce sights I’ve seen in a long time. The claps of thunder and the swells of rain were something we’ve rarely experienced on our trips in the summer and though it may have taken us off the lake and away from the fish, it gave us some much needed relaxation and togetherness.

Lake Mamie

Lake George

I’m so grateful to all my family for being able to show up and be together, even as we grow older and time is scarce. It’s nice to know that we can still come together and remember what it was like to be little kids fishing together and joking around. We are also introducing the next generation of fishing fanatics to the sierras; my niece Maleeya was out around the lakes exploring with fresh eyes and that’s always a beautiful thing to see.  So between fishing with mom and dad, exploring with Granny, Maleeya, my sister, and my brother-in-law, as  well as hiking to unknown waterfall territories with my brother and sister-in-law (check out her blog at for her awesome Mammoth pictures and food photographs), we ate delicious food, enjoyed each other’s company, caught our limit of fish, and had a wonderful time in the mountains.

Sunscreen and set up key to a successful day of fishing

While we were there, I enjoyed packing sandwiches and making dinners and breakfasts for everyone, but we also stopped into our usual places, which are written about in these entries from last year.

On our trip this year we were able to stop by Mammoth Brewing Company: a crowded and vivacious place where people were standing in lines to get a tasting of what they had to offer. The set-up is really quite interesting and I’ve never been to another place quiet like it. The outside looks like a warehouse—you have to keep your eyes out for the place, but most likely there will be people outside.   My sister-in-law, brother, grandma, dad and I all went in for a beer tasting, which was definitely a deal. For $4 you can sample nine beers. They range from all different types of beers (light to dark) and finish with a house-made root beer. If you can make your way up to the bar, you’re greeted by very kind bartenders and can start your tasting. Overall, I really enjoyed the IPA 395, which everyone else thought was pretty rough, but I loved the earthiness of the beer and you could really taste the sage and juniper. So as we sampled we had a lot to choose from, but for the five of us to enjoy an hour of fun for only $20, this was a bargain for Mammoth. You can also purchase growlers and kegs, as well as take home bottles of your favorite beers. I’d definitely recommend stopping by if you’re up there, just don’t be in a hurry and relax.



La Super Rica, Hollister Brewing Company, Jeannine’s in Santa Barbara

The first part of this adventure is here. Enjoy :)

We then waited until hunger struck again, which ended up being around 9:00 p.m. and headed over to downtown Santa Barbara to La Super Rica. This is a very famous restaurant in SB. They are known for being one of Julia Child’s favorite joints, as well as being featured on numerous other things, none of which I knew, but Michelle had been wanting to go, so we went. And I can see why this place is famous. We went pretty close to closing, so there wasn’t a very large line or really much of a crowd. We were greeted by the owner, still taking orders and busy making food even that late into the evening, which I always know is a sign of respect and hard work. We ordered a bunch of different things: pork tamal, vegetable tamal, carne asada taco, chorizo and cheese with fresh tortillas and guacamole. I could just sit there and eat the tortillas and the masa if I had to, because they were so good. These tamales were the perfect mouth melting texture, where you don’t even have to really chew in order to eat, they just dissolve with fresh corn and lard flavor. You can watch the ladies and gentlemen in the kitchen pressing each tortilla fresh and placing it on the flat top to warm them through. There are three different salsas to choose from: a smokey spicy chipotle flavored sauce, salsa verde and a pico de gallo. Everything was really delicious and we left with more than enough food in our stomachs.

After this, we headed out to have a beer and a chat at Hollister Brewing Company. The bartender was very kind. I had the house brewed stout, which had lovely chocolate hints, delicious and rich. Michelle had pumpkin ale, which was very fall forward and smooth. We also had a glass of Pinot Noir on the house, because it was poured by mistake. We chatted about craziness and caught up on the latest of late, then headed back to the apartment to turn in. Noticing an immense difference of life the two of us have gone through, I’m so glad I have an amazing friend whose friendship shows no bounds. Throughout our lives we know we’ll be there for one another, even if it’s not every day or even every month; we’ll still converse as if we just got out of class together.

The next morning we woke up and had a little chat, got ready and headed downtown for a nice breakfast and a little more time to catch up before I headed back home. We made our way down to State Street and walked the bulk of shops that lined the streets with the other interesting people trying to get a little early morning stroll and breakfast. We stopped for brunch at Jeannine’s  a lovely little café and bakery, setup in a European style setting with cordial, stylish faculty promptly greeting guest as they arrive. You stand in line and order food with a menu that is presented to you upon entering. A lovely line of house made pastry and a perfectly setup coffee and tea bar awaits you. The tables are well-adorned and the staff is fantastic, professional and pleasantly helpful.  We ordered two dishes; Michelle had salmon hash with potatoes, and poached eggs, while I had a goat cheese, asparagus and fresh corn omelet with mixed potatoes. I loved my omelet. The eggs were light and fluffy and the filling was refreshing and delicious. The asparagus was cooked perfectly and everything was just very tasty and skillfully prepared. The potatoes were seasoned nicely and the whole plate came together cohesively. Michelle’s food was also amazing—freshly flaked salmon and perfectly poached eggs were a highlight on the plate. I loved this atmosphere and the food was an experience and not just a second thought. You can really tell these people believe in their business and I just love that.

We had such an amazing time together eating and enjoying each others company. I look forward to another fun visit with my amazing friend who’s joined me on so many of my adventures in life. I love you Michelle! Good Luck with school, see you around Thanksgiving I hope :)




Adventures with Stephanie from; Ventura Edition

Stephanie and I found our way out to Ventura County this time around. I used to work and live in Moorpark, CA so I’m very familiar with the surrounding areas, because honestly, there isn’t much going on in Moorpark. I loved it there, but being back in the valley is where I belong. Living somewhere else and then coming back really makes you realize how great you had it. I still miss V.C. every now and again, and my friends who live there, so I visit frequently.

It’s actually been a little while since I got out to Ventura, namely Main Street, which is its main drag of interesting happenings.  I always used to get my knives sharpened at American Flags and Cutlery, but sadly, their storefront is now out of business. They still offer sharpening services, so I’ve heard, but I can’t find any information on it. I was very glad to get my knives sharpened one last time. I don’t trust my babies to just anyone. I guess I’ll have to be on the hunt for a new knife sharpener soon. Stephanie saw firsthand, my Dexter-style kitchen utensils. If you haven’t read about them, please see your way to this post.

After we dropped off my knives, we decided to get some lunch. We stopped in at Natures Grill. This small café style eatery offers a natural selection of vegetarian, vegan and meat eating options alike. I chose to have the old town salad, which had a lovely tahini dressing and was filled with hearty brown rice, guacamole, carrots, tomatoes and feta cheese over romaine lettuce. I also had a wedge of squaw multigrain bread and a raspberry ginger beer. The combination of flavors is really wonderful. I love this salad. Stephanie had a very ample burrito filled with fresh veggies and a side salad. We had a completely affordable and healthy lunch by the beach.

Main Street has a surplus of fine eateries, pubs, bars and even night clubs after dark, but it’s also home to thrift stores as well as stylish boutiques. We walked down to window shop and peak in at the thrift stores as well as have a little photo shoot on the sand by the waterfront, just a couple blocks away. We followed that with a beer at Anacapa. I opted for the house brewed stout and Stephanie had the house amber ale.  We chatted over our local beer, having an epiphany about what was next on our list of adventures.

Suffering from a bit of a food coma, sun coma and an afternoon cocktail, we decided a coffee appealed to us. We stopped at this gorgeous little café called Savory. They had wonderful baked goods and a very nice espresso drink selection. The cafe has a very gardenesque feel to it. The décor is adorable and purposeful. The dining room has an almost outdoor feel with a very large open window for people watching. They are a full-service restaurant and bakery as well. I had a peanut butter cookie and double espresso black. Stephanie had a soy latte with amaretto.

After coffee we picked up my knives, just as sharp as can be, and headed back to the car. Another beautiful day full of adventure and interesting eats and treats.



Adventures with Stephanie

Sometimes I think to myself I’m so terrible with keeping up with content but  there’s so much to write about when it comes to food, life, and fun. And every day I’m so fortunate to be able to share the things I love and eat with you all. I hope that this is something I can continue to do forever.

Now for some Food and drink adventures with Stephanie, you can view her lovely entries about our outings at her blog

Over the last couple of months we’ve been hitting the town aka San Fernando Valley and other outer lying cities around us in search of fun, food, and just a great time. We always have amazing conversation and candid acts of photography. I’m so glad to have this beautiful lady in my life. Here’s a recap of fun in the SFV.

A couple months ago we headed out to Boneyard Bistro . I loved the beer selection here and the fact that we could choose to have flights of beer and try different things. We also made it in for happy hour and had a couple of appetizers.


We’ve found ourselves at the Blue Dog Tavern  which is a local Sherman oaks gastro pub having burgers and sandwiches with local beer and sunshine on the patio. Eating at this little place is a brilliant way to spend a summer California afternoon, the food is good but the beer is even better. I had an Ahi tuna burger with coleslaw.

Stephanie and I love local eateries so we just recently went to Sweet Butter Café . This adorable little corner of Sherman Oaks has a really lovely country style feel to it. It is set up in the style of a café where you order inside and you get a little card that has a name of a fruit on it and that’s how they know to bring out the food. Sweet Butter is known for its breakfast and lunch style offerings. We came right in between the two and decided to have


The Yoga Housemade Ranch Gordo White Bean Spread , Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Dressed Arugula on Toasted Rustic Millstone w/Arugula Salad with avocado


Mixed Greens with Fuji Apples, Laura Chenel Chèvre, Dried Cranberries & Sweet Butter’s Candied Pecans with vinaigrette

The food was good. I loved the use of white beans because I use them so much, they are a delicious under rated food. People really do need to eat more beans and legumes. The food is a bit pricy for what it is but normal for Ventura Blvd. It’s an adorable place but I wouldn’t brave it on a Saturday or Sunday when it’s always crowded and crazy. If you’re looking for a chic weekday breakfast or lunch go to Sweet Butter.

We always play in the Sherman oaks Galleria, if I do say so myself, this place has an awesome happy hour selection to choose from. We frequent The Cheesecake Factory for 5 dollar long island ice teas and cheesecake, we seat ourselves with Cadillac margaritas for 5 dollars at El Torito Grill which has happy hour from 2-8 every day and some tasty flour tortillas and salsa for snacking, and we enjoy happy hour dumplings at P.F. Changs with 4 dollar draft beers and cheap specialty cocktails. This is a great cheap place to have a quick drink with a girlfriend then walk around urban home pondering of your dream furnishings.


Aside from food you can find us having fun at the beautiful Japanese Gardens, walking Ventura Boulevard, snagging something sweet, taking photos in shops and on escalators or looking over the city tops into the beautiful LA night, we’re just out having a good time.


Gastro Pubs, A Café, and Happy Hour all make for amazing adventures. I hope you take your city by storm and have wonderful afternoons/ evenings of food and fun.

Just to clarify we didn’t do this all in one day, it’s over the course of a couple months. But I do like to eat/ drink a lot so don’t put it past me.


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Chicago-Saturday John Hancock, Signature Bar, The Field Museum, Taste of Chicago, Ditkas

Saturday. My ending in the windy city

Saturday we woke up and prepared to get out on the town to see as much as we could on my last day in the city.

We took a walk and took pictures at Millennium Park with all the people lining up on the streets. Also Chicago was booming with people that day because it was the opening day of the Taste of Chicago. After our pictures we walked around to find a good spot to enter the food fare. Like anything some things were good and something not so much. here’s what we had

loukaneko Greek Sausage


pulled bbq chicken

Smoke Daddy


Arya Bhavan


Bourbon Chicken

Oak street beach cafe

Mustard fried catfish

Bj’s Market

Red Beans and Rice with Grilled Jerk Chicken

Vee Vee African Restaurant


Chicken Enchilada


la justicia

plain cheesecake

Eli’s Cheesecake

Cherry Italian Ice


Oreo Parfait

Chicago Sweet Connection Bakery

After eating ourselves in a coma we had to head back to museum park so we could go to The Field Museum of natural history. They had a really amazing exhibit on whales and the biggest put together T-Rex in the country or maybe even the world I forget. We mused about there till it closed and finally I said my last good byes to grant park, museum park, and millennium park taking a couple pictures along the way.




We went back to our hotel and had a couple of drinks in the room determined not to spend too much money which we did anyway. And after that we went to the Signature Bar in the John Hancock Observatory. It was really beautiful to see the sky lit up at night so high up. We had a drink and then went to our final dinner suggested by the door man at Ditka’s a steak house.


Ditkas we had

seafood platter

king crab, oysters, big eye tuna, shrimp

Mikes Salad pecans, apples, cranberries, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette

Fillet three ways Horseradish, Oscar (béarnaise and asparagus) style, Blue Cheese
broccoli and mashed potatoes

We also had drinks which were ginger and peach vodka and ginger and vodka

The meal was satisfying and really filling but a wonderful way to end the evening, nothing too out of the ordinary just a good steak house dinner.

And with that my travels in Chicago ended

A early train ride into O’hare and I was back in LA in no time. I can’t wait till my next trip. I’ll be headed to Seattle August 3-9th

Thank you guys so much for coming along on my memories :)

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Chicago Shedd Aquarium, Willis Tower, Adler Planetarium, Bourgeois Pig, The Purple Pig, Ravens

As I walked through the many miles of culture and community that Chicago has to offer I was struck in awe but the simple beauty of a big city by the lake. It was all such an amazing group of places situated in the heart of commerce and business but with an airy feeling of art and style. I love it.

On Wednesday before Girl and the Goat I situated myself at the Shedd Aquarium, looking like a child at jelly fish, beluga whales, and all sorts of other marine life. It made me feel young again, though I’m not too old let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. After the animal life I decided to make my way over to the Skydeck of Willis Tower and see the city from above, it was like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before to be so high up and everything looks so small almost like being in a plane traveling over the city. You could see the rain washing through the suburbs and the lights just start to peek out through the clouds. A truly amazing day I’ll never forget.


Thursday, I woke up and headed to the train station but on my way I decided I would like a tea so I stopped into the Bourgeois Pig. This adorable little cafe serves a multitude of different items from coffees and teas as well as in house baked goods and some really awesome sounding sandwiches and salads to choose from. I just stopped in for a Chai Latte but I couldn’t help myself I got a beautifully just made still gooey in the center snicker doodle to go with it. It was the perfect sugary way to start my day. There’s something about a well done foamy hot Chai that I just love. This place was just perfect for a mid afternoon chat with friends or to get some work done with two levels of seating and free wifi.


I walked over to the train station and I decided to head back over to Museum Park to see the Adler Planetarium . Getting in all I could was necessary but at least this time I knew where I was going. I thought the planetarium was really interesting. I love seeing those IMAX versions of the sky with millions of little lights flickering above. One of my favorite past times is to stare into a starry sky. I miss Moorpark for just those occasions but I’ll be going to mammoth in August and I’ll have all the stars I could ever want. I wondered about for a while there taking in all the sky and its discoveries.


After that I found myself on Magnificent Mile walking with a plethora of shops and craziness. I’m not much of a shopper, I spend my money on food or drinks and the like so I did a little window shopping and walked around looking at all the people going up and down the street. I decided a nice glass of wine would be in order I stopped into The Purple Pig was sat right next to where the food was coming out. These guys are pulling off a miracle with burners that are electric and a small 3 foot grill but the food looked amazing. I decided i would have to have an appetizer while I was there and decided on the mortadella smear over crusty baguette topped with aged balsamic, and arugula. I love mortadella is the Italian version of Bologna so I could see how people might be turned off by it but i adore it. From the days of working in an Italian deli I love that stuff. So anyways this was a smear which kind of reminded me off almost ham butter. It was so delicate and fluffy that it was almost a moose. I really enjoyed the richness cut with the balsamic and arugula it went really well with my red Italian wine from Perugia. A perfect afternoon snack. The restaurant itself was jammed packed with people just grabbing a bite after working or tourists checking out the Chicago River outside. The bone marrow looked particularly interesting as well as many of their small plates and cheese



After all that I then headed back towards Lincoln Park waiting for my 9pm reservation at Sprout as well as my friend Michelle. I stopped for a beer at Ravens  which is a small pub on Clark Street with a mystic quality and 4 dollar pints and is open till 4am. I wrote a little pen and paper action for myself. Michelle ended up running late from her dinner with her fellow butterfly conference attendees so I headed down Fullerton to Sprout  myself.

Stay Tuned

To see the rest of Chicago click

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Out and About Around LA: Feature Burbank

Have you ever seen a pile of books you know you’ll never get through but the possibility of so many words just amazes your mind? I felt that way going into this book shop with Stephanie called Movie World quite the contrary name for such a massive book store. We have so many fun adventures together that I love being able to document these precious moments in time. We all take advantage of our daily grind. Getting to know people sometimes gets pushed to the back of our thought process I’m glad to say that this wasn’t the case last Wednesday. I love California, now much more than ever before. Spring is amazing here and theres so much life just in the air its really wonderful. Last Wednesday Stephanie and I headed out to Burbank for some food, fashion, and furnishing fun. Ikea, Urban Outfitters, Movie World, Chadka Thai, and Tony’s Darts Away were our destinations on a beautiful spring afternoon.

I love Burbank, it really has everything in a small radius of an area and venturing out a little further will get you even more for what you’re looking for. We set out to go to two places and ended up stopping at much more than that. Take Movie World

This is a land field of literary knowledge and once you arrive there you’ll see why it looks as if someone threw up a million books in this place. Movies are barely a shelve in the place but the books that line the shelves have theatrical themes as well as the classic bundles of knowledge. Stack and stacks of old books reminded me of the child hood libraries I so desperately miss. But this place is just overwhelming you could spend three days and not get through one stack of the colossal amount of magazines, books, periodicals and other literary knowledge that resides in such a place.

Here’s Stephanie Rummaging through to find a healthy hand full of books to grace her coffee table at extremely affordable prices. I also bought the rest of my Harry Potter Books 1-3 in great condition for 10 dollars.

So after that we proceeded to walk down North San Fernando and see what was going on. The streets are lined with restaurants, small boutiques, as well as the larger more corporate operations.

We went to Ikea and just the color pallets and Kitchens alone make my heart soon. Oh the imagination that takes place in drawing up my dream kitchen and then realizing that its more than I’ll make for a long time so i can keep dreaming for a bit.

After our browsing about we decided that we would enjoy something to eat, I was thinking about just having a Vegan sausage at Tony’s Darts Away but with all the options around we decided to have lunch out where we were. Thai had sounded nice to Stephanie so we decided on a place with a seemingly interesting menu as well as a happy hour and thought why not. I love Thai Food but I wasn’t extremely hungry for curry or pad Thai or anything that I would normally order at a Thai restaurant.  But for a three dollar beer and a 5 dollar appetizer I felt sold and they had what Stephanie wanted on the menu too.  The place is called Chadaka Thai The style I believe their going for is contemporary, the lighting in side is very dark but it was a beautiful day so we opted to eat on the small patio. I ordered Tom Kha with tofu which was seasoned well and pretty good, I’d eat it again. As well as Thai egg rolls that tasted like peppery cabbage the sauce was good and the shells were fried nicely but were nothing to really write home about. I’d say go for happy hour with good company,have a drink, and enjoy California sunshine. My beer was good, my soup was awesome, my company was better.

The memory card on my camera was a bit off so I only have a couple of pictures.

The last stop on our afternoon of food and fun was Tony’s Darts Away Tucked away on the loaded street of Magnolia Blvd is Tony’s Darts Away. I’ve decided that I’m very interested in beer lately and I’ve been in the last couple of months to Ladyface, Boneyard Bistro, and Tony’s for local hand crafted beer. While my knowledge of lager, IPA’s, and Stouts is still lacking my devotion to new and well crafted beers has become a new passion of mine. Tony’s is a cool little place with a kind of basment hang out type feel. With pool tables, darts, and even stack of board games you can help yourself to. The joint is small we went in on a Wednesday evening about 6pm and the crowd was a lot of older men probably just ran home change from getting off of work and people who looked like they were just grabbing a bite and a beer. Sitting down to watch Oklahoma take on Dallas for the western conference finals of the NBA. Our bartender greeted us nicely and made a couple of jokes and proceeded to talk about a couple of tips for beer selection.

I know that my preference is darker stout beers with bitter notes and lovely espresso essence. Coffee and beer in one you have my heart. I ordered a flight because I like doing that. It gives me for 8 bucks the chance to explore flavor and change it up if one beer is too heavy, another is lighter, and then compare and contrast.

The bad part of having such good company is you forget that you’re also taking pictures for your blog. So I forgot and I bought a flight that came on this lovely little board of small little glasses and then drank the 1st two beers which i didn’t like that much but what weren’t that bad.  The 1st one much it was a bit too floral for my liking and the second one was washing down the 1st but that was much more medium bodied and a much better after taste. The Bartender picked my flight for me and kinda spouted off the names a little faster than I got to them. Note to self, next time write it down. The stout that i had was very good i caught the name of that one which was Solidarity *Nitro Black Mild. The flavor was mildly bitter and lighty coffee scented and extremely drinkable, If i were to of had another beer it would of been that one.  The beers at Tony’s come from all local California breweries. They take pride in sourcing the best on tap beers which in turn reduces waste and provides a unique service that i really like. They also have food a plethora of pub style sausages in buns and vegan sausages as well.  By the time we were finished chatting and done with our beers the bar was packed people were standing behind us waiting for seats. A good sign for any business. I do believe another trip to Tony’s will be in my cards sometime soon. We packed it up and made our exit, enjoying the fun times we had in Burbank.

Thanks for sharing our journey.

P.S. It’s the end of the month so you know what that means. Head over to the and check out this months YBR. Your Best Recipe is a awesome way to share your food with a multitude of culinary writters. So if you’re a food blogger please keep up to date with Nancy and here’s a link to a little more information. My entry this month is Spring Rolls. I hope you’ve seen them if you haven’t please check them out by clicking this banner and visit Nancy at the spiciefoodie for all the other awesome entries.

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Real Food Daily Santa Monica

I love going out almost as much as I love eating in. It isn’t uncommon for me to spend a good chunk of money supporting my favorite local eateries or going to try somewhere new on the map or at least new to me. My lovely fashion blogger friend Stephanie was/is my partner in crime for local valley fun snacks and drinks to Santa Monica vegan cuisine at Real Food Daily.

I’ve been hearing lots of great things about Real Food Daily for a long time. Real Food daily has two locations one in Santa Monica California as well as another in West Hollywood California. They specialize in vegan cuisine and the whole restaurant is vegan friendly no meat products or animal anything is in this place and I have a great respect for that.

Of course when you head out to a distinguished area such as Santa Monica you’re in for a time finding a parking space but I know it comes with the area so finally after trolling around a couple of blocks three times I found a structure not too far for the restaurant for us to park. At the price of 7 bucks a car we started off the evening in the hole.

Walking up to the restaurant you’ll see a wide verity of people, hippies, scene-sters, athletic health freaks, as well as the more stylish side of Santa Monica and the like passing through the glass doors or ordering a latte or take out from the bakery portion of the restaurant. The host stand sits outside and once we walked through the doors the large white ceiling fixtures, yellow walls, the shinny espresso machine, and large vegan pastry case are the 1st focal points I noticed. We were sat in a small section upstairs in a back corner, I would say not the best seat in the house but without a reservation it would do. A bunch of tightly packed seats of wood and simple tables with utensils with paper napkins placed on the tables.

Real food Daily sells wine and beer so that’s always a nice added perk. Their wine list and beer list feature organic wines and organic breweries. I had really lovely dark ale called triple exultation by eel river brewing company located in Fortuna, ca. The ale had a deep rich sweetness with a nice dark aftertaste. I enjoyed it very much. Stephanie had pale ale from butte creek brewery located in Northern California.

As we enjoyed conversation and interesting girly gossip about new things we didn’t know about each other, we finally finished perusing the plethora of vegan options that Real Food Daily has to offer.


Combining local organic ingredients and some of the best vegan options I’ve seen in a long time, it took me a while to really see what I wanted. But I decided on sharing a sundried tomato hummus and pita and for my entree i would have the BBQ Bello Salad.

The hummus to our surprise was under seasoned and underwhelming and honestly not very memorable, but not bad but not good. I would say the seasoning was lacking but maybe that’s the way of this place who knows. I thought the ratio of pita to hummus was a little strange as well. I knew that my beer was wonderful so I kept my expectations at a minimum for my salad as to not be disappointed either way.

Finally after we finished up a bit, I’d say the waitress was doing double the work she should be been and if I was a needy customer we would of felt avoided because we saw our waitress herself about 3 times during the meal. She was attentive and sweet but you could see that she was over stretched at the moment.

My salad arrived and the smell was just wonderful. It had a peppery sweetness to the whole dish and I couldn’t wait to try it but of course pictures first. The mango and avocado was divine it had all the textures that i look for in a good salad. The peppery ranch dressing is something that made the whole salad come together. The smooth creamy avocado with the sweet pungency of mangoes and red onions and the roasted BBQ flavor of portobello mushroom mixed with soft silky tofu was spot on. If this wasn’t a special for that month I’d say to order it straight away. I think I’ll definitely be making this salad myself sometime in my kitchen I’ll put a link to this post when i do. It’s definitely something memorable,different, and quite delicious.

Stephanie had a Caeser wrap that was filled with Blackened tempeh, avocado, capers, romaine hearts, caesar dressing, spinach tortilla she also added veggie bacon which she added was some of the best veggie bacon shes had since being vegetarian for almost a year now. Over all I’d say she was very happy with her wrap which was on side of a small mixed salad.

Sometimes expectations of things cloud the purity of the idea of a chef as well as some chefs just get side tracked, here just like anywhere we can find things that may turn us off but here there is the simple locality of wonderful vegan food and a restaurant that cares enough for it’s community to use local and organic ingredients and those things are what make Real Food Daily stand out.

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