Oshogatsu Osechi Ryori 2017


Happy New Year Everyone!

I am so grateful to have had an amazing season of cooking, togetherness and family time. I am vowing to keep this togetherness and love in mind in 2017. I know no matter how busy I get, how much yoga I am teaching, I will always make this time to have these traditions with my family.  I am so excited to share my favorite meal of the year to start 2017. I hopefully share every year  these traditional and not so traditional Japanese dishes for good luck to our family and friends, things that mean so much to use and that we are grateful to share together. This Year was Adelyns first New Years and we were so happy to have her with us even if she can’t enjoy all the food just yet.

Here are the last 6 years of this family traditions.

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013. 2012, 2011

May 2017 bring joy, togetherness and love to you and your family.



Beef Korokke

Dashi Soy Shrimp

Chicken Katsu

Teryaki Chicken


Tuna Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Char Siu-Style Sliced Pork

Sweet Asian Fried Chicken Wings


Pork Wontons

Kinpira (sato shoyu gobo and carrots)

Tazukri (candied, dried sardines)

Kamaboko (pink and white Japanese pressed fish cake)

Namasu (pickled carrots and daikon)

Nishime 5-Sided Carrot, 5-Sided Daikon, Kombu (rolled seaweed), Shiitake Mushrooms, Satoimo(taro root), Renkon (lotus root), Takenoko (bamboo shoots), Gobo

Ozoni (New Year’s Japanese Soup) (Kombu, Carrot, Kamaboko, Daikon, Imo [taro root], Renkon [lotus root], and Mochi in Seasoned Homemade Dashi)


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