What We Ate on Thanksgiving

Here we are, giving thanks for this extreme bounty of food and great times. I’m so lucky to have so much love in my heart. This is the menu I prepared for Thanksgiving day. I hope you enjoy the photos and had a magnificent feast yourselves.

Seasons Greetings :)

Menu prepared by yours truly

Roasted lemon and herb sweet brine turkey
Roasted zucchini, scallion and olive pork stuffing
Braised sausage with red Swiss chard and kale potato gratin
Roasted asparagus with garlic, red pepper flakes and crispy pancetta
Green bean casserole with soaked “buttermilk” fried onion strings
Beef and tart apple dressing with roasted carrot shreds
Homemade cranberry jelly
Roasted shallot cream corn
Bacon and gorgonzola shrimp
Mashed potatoes
Fall aromatics and roasted giblet gravy
Garlic bread sticks
Basil, spinach and green olive tapenade
Arugula and spinach salad with roasted spicy baby bellas, feta cheese, tomatoes and avocado in honey balsamic dressing
Brown sugar and marshmallow candied yams

Additions brought by family members and friends included dips, snacks, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, carrot cupcakes and ham. Some of my dishes weren’t photographed.

Over indulgence to the max. I could probably do with running a hundred miles, but I won’t.

Time to finish my menu for my brother’s 25th birthday party. I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.



19 thoughts on “What We Ate on Thanksgiving

    • Thanks Sandra. I really like extra crisp skin on turkey it gives the whole turkey another level of flavor and stays nice and juicy inside. thank you so much have a great rest of your week!

    • thanks Guy! thanks for stopping by my blog, it means a lot to me! you’re welcome to come by and eat whenever you’d like.

  1. What a feast to take one! Everything looks absolutely delicious – and I’m hoping you’ll post some recipes to go along with them =)

    • I’ll try and get some up but if you think of one you want in particular just let me know and i’ll write it for you! :)

    • Thanks so much! I love asparagus prepared that way it really take it to another level. Thanks for stopping by my blog, season greetings cheers.

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